Mr. Rathwiroon Chanchungthaworn


Member of Executive Committee

Member of Sustainability and Risk Management

Committee Chief Executive officer


33 Years old

Educational record

  • Master’s Degree, Master of Engineering, Kasetsart University
  • Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor of Engineering Thai-Nippon Institute of Technology

Appointment date

  • 1/9/2022

Shareholding percentage (%)

  • 7.46%

As of 25 May 2023

Work experience

  • Premier Quality Starch Co., Ltd.: Managing Director
  • Pracharat Rak Samakkhi Mukdahan Co., Ltd. (Social Enterprise): Director
  • Mukdahan Provincial Chamber of Commerce: Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce

Serving as a director (as of 25 May 2023)

Other companies

  • Premier Quality Starch Co., Ltd. (2012): Director/Authorized Director
  • Premier Bio Energy Co., Ltd.: Director/Authorized Director
  • Premier Modified Starch Co., Ltd.: Director/Authorized Director