Organizational Structure

The company respects and gives importance to the rights of shareholders. both as investors and owners of the company. By encouraging all groups of shareholders to exercise their rights according to fairness and basic rights, such as trading and transferring the securities they hold freely. Including having a share in the profits of the business and receiving adequate information about the business. Via the website of the Stock Exchange of Thailand Company website or other channels

Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited


Corporate Governance Policy
Personal Data Protection Policy
Policy for reporting wrongdoing and corruption
Anti-fraud and corruption policy
Information Technology Security Policy
Securities trading policy for directors

Environmental policy

Sustainable Procurement Policy of the Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited Group

Security Policy

Quality Policy

Energy conservation policy

Organizational management policy for sustainability
Risk management policy
Dividend payment policy
Policy to prevent conflicts of interest
Business ethics

Corporate documents

Company regulations
Charter of the Board of Directors