Good Governance

Good governance activities

Year 2566

Corporate Governance Assessment On a 4-star scale, “Very Good” CG Scoring from the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) with support from the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

The company announced its intention to become a member of Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) on May 15, 2566, to be a part of Thailand’s business sector in the fight against corruption. By setting an example by announcing an anti-corruption policy. Establish an internal control system to prevent all forms of corruption.

Corporate Governance

Listed companies are an important mechanism to drive the country’s economy in terms of generating income. Therefore, the Board of Directors, management departments, and internal departments should play an important role in promoting good corporate governance so that the company can create added value for both itself and society sustainably. The structure and system of corporate governance must be effectively established. To ensure that all parties have the same guidelines in accordance with the five basic principles of good corporate governance, as follows:

Business operations should be related to and governed by the above five principles of good corporate governance. If the business operates without fairness, transparency, or integrity and the board and management act irresponsibly, it will inevitably affect the growth of the business. No bidding. Refrain from receiving returns that may affect the selection of suppliers, and once the suppliers are acquired, they should pay correctly and fairly. On the other hand, if the selection of suppliers is done based on a lack of fairness or transparency, The company may acquire suppliers who are unable to deliver quality raw materials or fail to deliver them on time, which results in increased costs, and the company is unable to produce products and services to customers on time, or in some cases, may be sued.

Therefore, the company should understand the needs and expectations of different groups of stakeholders and establish a system and process to promote cooperation between the company and stakeholders in order to understand and meet those expectations effectively, which will create wealth and financial stability for the business in the long run.

Relationship structure between stakeholders in accordance with good corporate governance principles

Stakeholders involved with the business are both internal and external to the organization. The main group consists of shareholders. (shareholder) who appoints the committee. (Board) comes in to control and supervise the work of the management department. (Management) to achieve the set goals. The committee also has to perform its duties to create benefits between various groups of stakeholders. Do not cause conflicts of interest, and ensure balance. Therefore, the company should also understand the needs and expectations of different stakeholders. The roles and responsibilities of each group in the corporate governance system must also be clearly and ethically defined. Including compliance with the law and good corporate governance guidelines.