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Premium Quality Starch Co., Ltd.




Premium Quality Starch Co., Ltd. (PQS) was founded on June 23, 1948, led by a permanent man and a team with experience in the field of baking powder production for more than 20 years. The company has a baking powder factory located at number 185 in 14 forest districts. Many of them are located in the district of Mumbai. The location is rich in baking raw materials from local farmers. This results in the raw materials being always fresh and keeping our baked powder properties classified as exceptional quality. Also, we can produce according to the specific quality customers want (made to order) using standard, modern production processes. Safe, environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and meeting the highest satisfaction of customers both at home and abroad.

We also have a subsidiary, PBE, which was founded on July 14, 1951, with its products of bio-gas and electricity from biofuel (methane) derived from the fermentation of water through the process of powder and air-based fertilization, which comply with the Zero Waste Guidelines and maximize the use of waste, as well as a sustainable reduction in pollution that can affect the environment and communities around them.


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