Reporting clues to wrongdoing and corruption

Policy for reporting wrongdoing and corruption
Anti-fraud and corruption policy

Channels for receiving complaints

Whistleblowers can choose to report wrongdoing and corruption, along with the necessary information for the company to investigate to find out the facts, such as those involved, the nature of the transaction, the time period when the incident occurred, etc., through various channels as follows:

Audit Committee

Email :   [email protected]

Internal audit department

Chief Executive Officer

Corruption Report

Report anonymous clues
Select here if you would like to submit a tip anonymously.
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Matters that can be reported under the Whistleblowing Policy on Wrongdoing and Corruption

Whistleblowers can report in accordance with this policy. When there is reason to suspect that a director, employee, partner, or any person doing business related to the company It has been done in the following matters, such as

(1) illegal acts

(2) Violation of business ethics

(3) Actions that are harmful to society and the environment

(4) Corruption

(5) Money laundering

(6) Bribery and corruption

(7) Unlawful use of power

(8) Improper use of company assets.

(9) Failure to report conflicts of interest. When a conflict occurs

Employee-related grievances do not fall under the scope of this policy. Because employees can file complaints with the company according to the company’s work regulations, for example:

(1) Personal conflicts between the whistleblower and other employees.

(2) Salary increases, bonuses, job transfers, or adjusting job positions

(3) Disciplinary punishment Suspension or dismissal from the company