Environmental dimension

Premier Quality Starch Company Limited

We and our subsidiaries Conduct business on the basis of environmental responsibility and is committed to reducing environmental impacts resulting from the organization’s business operations. Including investments in protecting, mitigating, and restoring important ecosystems. as well as providing mechanisms for managing environmental matters effectively.

Environmental management

Environmental management is a process that involves planning, implementing, and controlling the use of natural resources and reducing their impacts on the environment. Environmental management focuses on maintaining a balance between economic development and environmental protection. In order to have sustainability and stability for the next generation.

Energy conservation management

Energy conservation management is a process that involves the use and management of energy to create environmental and social impacts at the local and global levels. Energy conservation is important in reducing energy consumption from energy sources that have an impact on the environment.

Caring for water resources

Caring for water resources is essential to creating sustainable and stable conditions for the use of water in all aspects of life. Caring for water resources has both environmental and social consequences. But it also affects the economy and the prosperity of the community.

Package management

Packaging management is a process that involves the design, manufacture, use, and disposal of packaging to effectively protect the product. Ease of use and reducing environmental impacts Packaging management is important in many industries.

Sourcing raw materials sustainably

Sustainable sourcing is a process that involves finding and selecting raw materials that are sustainable and have both positive and negative environmental and social impacts. Sustainable sourcing is essential to developing products and services that have long-term value and viability.

Sustainable waste management

Sustainable waste management is a process that involves dealing with materials or substances resulting from production processes, consumption, or activities. and is effective and has a positive impact on the environment and society. Sustainable waste management is important for reducing toxic emissions and ensuring sustainability in resource use.

Environmental policy

Environmental management and social responsibility

Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited (PQS) is a company that produces tapioca starch. Special quality class (Premium Grade), including production according to specific quality. that customers want With a standardized production process, it is safe. environmentally friendly and social responsibility The company therefore attaches great importance to managing waste from the production process with integrated management. Therefore, it is friendly to the community. Each aspect is managed as follows:

Wastewater management from the production process (Waste Water Management)

Wastewater from the production process will be treated with an electricity generation system using biogas, which results in no odor disturbing nearby communities. The water that has been treated according to the specified standards will be used to wash the cassava roots in the first stage in order to reduce losses in the process. In addition, some parts are shared with farmers to increase agricultural production and reduce costs and expenses on fertilizer. Increase income for farmers To be used to grow various vegetables for farmers around the factory. As a result, our company has been certified as a green factory by the Ministry of Industry. This shows our determination to conduct business with care for the environment and the environment in which we live.

Solid waste management

The company has a policy of using cassava pulp, which is a by-product of the cassava starch production process. Make it into compost and organic fertilizer, make animal feed, or sell it to farmers to make animal feed to reduce the cost of producing animal feed. It is fermented into biogas, used as fuel, to produce electrical energy, and to produce value-added products. The company encourages farmers to make compost for their own use. and promote the use of fertilizer in cassava cultivation to reduce production costs and provide higher yields per rai.

The environment is an important issue. Not just for all of us today. But it is something that affects future generations, who should live in a good environment as well. With awareness of this responsibility, we therefore have strict measures to prevent, control, inspect, and proceed. to act in accordance with laws and regulations and will not do anything that destroys the environment in the community. Surroundings that arise from business operations, society, and the nation, including this world in which we live together,.

We will never stop improving our work processes. and using modern technology. Environmentally friendly to use We will promote sustainable conservation of the environment and natural resources. By trying to use up resources and energy that are used up as little as possible, At the same time, increasing reuse. To reduce the overall use of resources, the most important thing is creating awareness among all personnel. Be aware of social and environmental responsibilities.

Through unremitting efforts, the company has been certified by standards in environmental management and various qualities. Including awards from many institutions, such as