Premier quality starch

Conduct business while preserving society and the environment according to ethical principles.

The most important management in a factory is its management, which ensures that the company does not create or cause any adverse effects on the environment.
Cooperate and help support the community in which the organization is located. Encourage farmers to provide knowledge on how to grow cassava properly.
Treat employees fairly, respect human rights, and take care of health and safety at work.
Have responsibility for products for consumers. Sell products and services at fair prices. Provide straightforward customer service.


Success in employee treatment depends on ensuring that employees are both physically and mentally healthy and managing to keep them productive and operational. To the organization as a whole.

Leadership and Human Resources Development

Skill development and learning Promoting employee skill development will help increase their confidence and understanding of work. Organizations should promote learning all the time so that employees develop new skills.

Customer relationship management and customer engagement

Understanding customer needs Understanding customer needs and preferences Providing quality service It is important to build customer satisfaction and confidence. building trustworthiness Following up and taking care of customers You should take care of your customers continuously. By following up on the status and satisfaction of customers.

Create value for society as a whole

Doing activities or actions that are useful and valuable to society as a whole. without aiming for profit alone. Creating social value is mainly related to promoting prosperity and quality of life for people in society.

Managing stakeholder engagement

The process by which organizations or activities Recognize and manage the engagement of stakeholders such as customers, partners, shareholders, or groups that have an impact on activities, such as understanding needs and expectations. Satisfaction Open and clear communication Listening and improving confidence Creating transparency Taking responsibility and solving problems Creating a long-term bond

Human rights operations

A process related to the protection and promotion of the rights and freedoms of ordinary people. Human rights implementation often involves creating fair and equitable conditions for everyone in society, such as raising awareness. Formulating and implementing human rights law Protection of rights and groups is like Determining measures to prevent and correct violations of rights Supporting human rights organizations Seeking international support Promoting conservation and the protection of environmental rights

Policies and guidelines for society

Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited is committed to operating responsibly for impacts in various areas. That arises from the organization’s business operations based on the principles of transparent, verifiable, ethical business operations that respect human rights principles. and the interests of stakeholders are committed to producing quality products that are safe for consumers. Consider the impact on the community and environment. By complying with the law and other regulations. or related international practices, as well as striving to develop and improve to build the foundation of continuous and sustainable social responsibility.

Social policies and practices

The company adheres to the principles of good governance in conducting business. Respect for human rights is fundamental. For use in treating all groups of stakeholders Focus on conducting business in a way that allows society and the community to participate. Create growth together with the organization. Able to meet the real needs of customers and end consumers and adapt to changes in the social and economic context. At the same time, it also aims to develop farmers’ knowledge. Build good relationships with the community. To help improve the quality of life of farmers and communities and create a better society.

1) Treatment of employees

The company therefore places importance on developing human resources and treating workers fairly. In terms of opportunities, compensation, and welfare, the company is committed to developing the organization. To be a learning organization that enhances culture and working atmosphere Promote teamwork Promote knowledge development. Equality and equality in the expression of opinions The ability of employees to advance Have career stability. Ready to build confidence in improving the quality of life and safety at work? Including maintaining the working environment, the company has established various policies and guidelines related to the matter, as follows:

(1.1) Comply with labor laws and respect the rights of employees according to human rights principles. The aim is for all employees to have equality and equal freedom. Does not violate basic rights and does not discriminate in any matter. Including ensuring that the company is not involved in human rights violations, both directly and indirectly.

(1.2) Provide an employment process. and fair employment conditions. Including determining compensation and considering performance merit under a fair and appropriate performance evaluation process, as well as creating career stability and fair career advancement opportunities.

(1.3) Promote personnel development. By organizing training, seminars, and training, including sending personnel to attend seminars and training, in order to develop the knowledge, abilities, and potential of personnel to be able to improve the work process to be more efficient, and be able to conduct business with fairness in accordance with the law and the company’s business ethics.

(1.4) Provide various welfare benefits for employees as required by law, such as social security, etc., and in addition to those required by law, such as provident funds, health insurance, and accident insurance, including providing various types of financial assistance to employees, such as financial assistance. Employees for the cost of the employee’s deceased parents’ cremation ceremony and child scholarships, etc.

(1.5) Provide annual health examination services to personnel at all levels of the company. By considering risk factors according to each person’s level, age, gender, and working environment,.

(1.6) Provide a safe and hygienic workplace. There are measures to prevent accidents. and organize training and encourage employees to have awareness and participate in maintaining a hygienic workplace that is always safe.

(1.7) Provide channels for employees to express their opinions. or complain about unfair treatment or wrongdoing in the company, including providing protection to employees who report such matters.

2) Responsibility to customers

The company is committed to continuously developing the products and services of the company and its subsidiaries to meet the satisfaction and maximum benefits of customers. and adhere to treating customers responsibly. Honesty and taking care of customers are as follows:

2.1 The company takes into account the quality and standards of products and services. The company and its subsidiaries focus on producing quality products and services. It is safe. It does not affect the environment and meets international standards. Including constantly developing and improving products and services. In order to provide customers with maximum satisfaction, which leads to building long-term relationships with customers.

2.2 The company has a policy to ensure that customers receive information about the company’s products and services that is correct, fair, and not distorted or ambiguous. Including not exaggerating advertising. To provide customers with accurate and sufficient information to make decisions.

2.3 The company provides a customer relations system for use in communicating with customers. Including receiving complaints about the quality of products and services through the company’s website in order to quickly respond to customer needs. Including preventing and solving problems for customers and using such information to improve and develop products and services.

2.4 The company will keep customer information confidential. and will not use such information in a wrongful way.

3) Partner management

The company is committed to building relationships with trading partners that create mutual and sustainable benefits for all parties. and build confidence in partners that they will grow with potential and efficiency together with the organization. By exchanging knowledge, useful information, and related market situations As well as acknowledging problems and suggestions from each other in order to improve the operations of the company and its partners for the better. Including promoting and supporting employment with potential partners. be able to comply with relevant laws and regulations. Taking into account the impact on the environment Social responsibility, community, and good corporate governance for systematic supply chain management

4) Community and social development

The company therefore has a policy to conduct business that is beneficial to the economy and society and adheres to the practice of being a good citizen. Including completely complying with relevant laws and regulations. By managing the impacts from business operations, such as environmental impacts To prevent communities and society from suffering. In addition, the company is committed to developing Promote and enhance the quality of life in society and the communities in which the company and its subsidiaries are located to be livable and of better quality. And people in the community can be self-reliant and sustainable along with the company’s growth. Especially developing local farmers to have the knowledge to grow cassava professionally. Increase productivity without creating an impact on the environment, create sustainable income, and promote the participation of people in the community by listening to their opinions. Transparent and constructive consultation Treat each other equally, respect differences, and strengthen