Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited (PQS)

Established on June 23, 2005

Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited (PQS) was established on June 23, 2005, led by Mr. Somyot Chanchungthavorn and a team with more than 18 years of experience in tapioca starch production.

The company has a tapioca starch factory. Located at 185 Moo 14, Khampalai Sub-district, Mueang Mukdahan District, Mukdahan Province The location is rich in quality cassava raw materials from local farmers. As a result, the ingredients are always fresh, and our tapioca starch properties are classified as exceptional quality. In addition, we can produce according to the specific quality required by customers (made to order) by using a modern production process that is standardized, safe, and environmentally friendly. Responsible to society and respond to the highest customer satisfaction both domestically and internationally.



Premier Bioenergy Company Limited (PBE)

Established on July 14, 2008

In addition, Premier Bio Energy Co., Ltd. (PBE) was established on July 14, 2008, as a subsidiary, with its products being tapioca starch and electricity generated from the use of biogas as fuel (methane) from the fermentation of water through starch production and anaerobic fermentation of cassava pulp.

This is in line with the Zero Waste Disposal Guidelines and maximizes the use of by-products, as well as having a positive impact on reducing pollution that may affect the environment and surrounding communities sustainably.



To be ASEAN's leading producer and exporter of tapioca starch and related products.


The company strives to be a manufacturer of tapioca starch products of excellent quality according to international standards for domestic and international sales. With environmentally friendly production processes and adherence to creating shared value for all stakeholders.

Quality Standards