Support and participate in surrounding community activities

Support activities within the community, such as Children’s Day activities, school events, and various activities within the community.

Premier Quality Starch Group of Companies, led by Dr. Yuthaphon Tawachalee, Chief Administrative Officer/CAO Meet the research team at Kasetsart University Sakon Nakhon Campus. Discussion points for making an MOU

1. Support Kasetsart 50, 73, 80 plants by allowing the research team to study the suitability of the area.

2. Provide technical support to farmers who plant cuttings. With training and mentoring to produce 4 tons or more.

3. Study the model for growing potatoes in order to get them to the factory regularly.

4. Participate in studying the development of the monthly model. that farmers can grow it and sell it every month.

5. Research and information on oils with low cyanide KU1,KU2,KU3.

6. Support solutions to help farmers in cases of low production. low percentage of starch.

Support and participate in activities within the community, such as releasing fish, funerals, and ordination ceremonies

Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited, represented by Dr. Yuthaphon Tawachalee, Chief Administrative Officer, attended the cremation ceremony of Phra Ma Chittasangvaro, aged 77 years, aged 20, presenting a wreath and mourning his father. meditate Soda (Security Officer Security Guards) joined in donating 3,000 baht in requiem cloth and giving 25 packs of drinking water at the Non Ko monks’ residence, Village No. 12, Ban Kham Pa Lai. Kham Pa Lai Subdistrict, Mueang Mukdahan District, Mukdahan Province.