Technology transfer day to kick off the new production season Field Day

PQS joined “Kubota-Ajinomoto-government partners” to open the Field Day event in Mukdahan.

Aiming at transferring technology in hopes of increasing cassava production

“Premier Quality Starch” joins hands with partners “Kubota-Ajinomoto -Government agencies -Academic institutions" open "FIELD DAY", a technology transfer day to start the new production season. For cassava farmers in Mukdahan Province “Pilot demonstration of systematic cassava cultivation” using agricultural machinery to increase cassava production capacity. The goal is for 250 farmers to participate in this year's activities.


Mr. Rattavirun Chanchungthaworn, Chief Executive Officer of Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited or PQS, producer and distributor of premium grade tapioca starch and modified starch, revealed that the company has joined with partner companies. Kubota Charoenchai Mukdahan, Siam Kubota Corporation Co., Ltd. and Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd., with academic support from relevant government agencies of Mukdahan Province. Including being honored by Mr. Worayan Bunnarat, Governor of Mukdahan Province. Come join the opening ceremony “Technology Transfer Day to Start the New Season FIELD DAY” held on March 6, 2024 at the PQS Farm area.


For the purpose of organizing such an event to be a demonstration source. Using agricultural machinery to manage cassava plantations It is also a center for transferring knowledge and promoting sustainability in agricultural ecosystems. For farmers who are interested


The PQS group of companies is a producer of cassava starch. and modified cassava starch With quality cassava root raw materials from areas in Mukdahan Province. and nearby areas, more than 250,000 tons per year from farmers who support more than 6,800 families in an area of approximately 65,200 rai and are also experts in producing cassava starch for 20 years who are ready to strive to be the leader in cassava starch products. and related products at the ASEAN level


Mr. Rattavirun said that cassava is an economically important crop both in the macroeconomic sense and at the household level of Thai people. It is resistant to drought well. It also has the potential to increase the yield in tonnes per rai from the current basic average. and is something that various continuing industries There is a continuously growing demand especially for food and other things. However, at present, cassava is grown in Mukdahan province. It is usually planted and managed using mainly manual labor. This causes farmers to have limitations in maintaining their cassava plots. and unable to properly manage the planting area in time for the season which is partly affected by climate change Resulting in low yield per rai. High cost of cultivation Lack of good plants Labor shortage This is because most farmers are entering the elderly stage. and still lacking opportunity To access modern technology and innovations


Therefore, in order to raise the level of cassava production capability. The PQS group of companies Together with the partners, we have joined together to combine strengths and innovations to propose guidelines that will lead to sustainable mutual growth. Join in creating a forum for exchanging knowledge on the use of agricultural machinery to increase productivity. and reduce labor shortage problems Encourage the use of varieties that are appropriate to the area's conditions. Including knowledge on how to manage plots correctly during the various stages of growing cassava. and the appropriate time for harvesting until it becomes a quality cassava raw material Concretely promote sustainability of the cassava growing profession for farmers.


Organizing the event “Technology Transfer Day to start the new season, FIELD DAY” with “PQS” as the connecting medium. Join forces between farmers, government agencies, and private sector partners through the process of demonstrating the use of agricultural machinery. and innovative management of appropriate oil cultivation systems It is another mechanism to increase the sustainability of farmers' careers. and has good quality raw materials that is sufficient for the production of cassava starch in Thailand


In such work We invited farmers who have been partners who have delivered cassava to the company continuously for a long time. and giving opportunities to new groups of farmers who are interested in participating in the event, a total of 250 farmers, as for the preparation of demonstration plots for the exchange of knowledge among farmers this time It is part of the management of the cassava growing system. To lead to research and development (R&D) to improve cassava varieties that are specific to customer needs. Reducing costs and increasing efficiency By using machinery to help replace labor. Proper management of agricultural land use Strengthening the stability of agricultural ecosystems by using conservation soil and water resources and continue to expand the results to farmers to create stability in the cassava supply chain together towards a sustainable future.