Mr. Rattavirun Chanchungthaworn (left), Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, and Mr. Kritiwakorn Thammasaeng (right), Chief Technology Officer, Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited, or PQS, a leading producer of tapioca starch. in the northeast with over 20 years of expertise in the production of cassava starch, joined the booth at “PQS x ISAN BCG EXPO 2022 Collaboration, join in, join in prosperity” to showcase cassava starch products at Isan BCG Expo 2022, which is the largest sustainable innovation expo in the region. northeast Reflecting the Isaan identity, combining innovation “to the core” to encourage the Isaan community to “eat well, live well, and think well” based on resources, traditions, culture, and agricultural industry. By combining wisdom with technology and innovation for a sustainable economy, The event was held at the Creative Innovation District, Khon Kaen Innovation Center (KKIC), on December 9–12, 2022.

E-Finance Thai News Agency, 15 Dec. 2022, 10:53 a.m.

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