Mr.Thanasak Chanyapoon 

Director / Independent Director
Chairman of Sustainability and Risk Management Committee


55 Years old

Educational record

  • Master’s Degree Master of Laws, Cambridge University
  • Master’s Degree Master of Laws Chulalongkorn University
  • diploma, United States, and international law

Appointment date

  • 21/4/2023

Shareholding percentage (%)

  • 0.04%

As of 25 May 2023

Work experience

  • Capital Law Office Co., Ltd.: Partner/Executive Director
  • Pan Asia Metal Co., Ltd., Singapore: Company Director
  • Cal-Comp Holding (Brasil) S.A. Co., Ltd., Brazil: Company Director
  • Hillcrest Management Co., Ltd. (Samui): Executive Director
  • XYZprinting Inc. Co., Ltd., Republic of China (Taiwan): Auditor
  • Kasetsart University: Special Lecturer, Faculty of Business Administration
  • Cal-Comp PCL. Electronics (Thailand): Independent Director/Audit Committee Member
  • Chulalongkorn University: Special Lecturer, Faculty of Law
  • Sub-Committee on Improving Laws for Ease of Doing Business, Group 2, according to the orders of the Office of the Prime Minister: Sub-Committee
  • Tourism Commission: Advisor to the Tourism Commission Chairman

Serving as a director (as of 25 May 2023)

listed company

  • Cal-Comp PCL. Electronics (Thailand) : Independent Director / Audit Committee Member