#PQS #ThanHon-PQS reiterates that the Chan Chungthaworn family group holds 46% of the shares, the Thawatchutikorn family group holds 20% of the shares, and other former partners total 74%, announcing that they will tightly hug the shares and are ready to lock up the shares 100% for 6 months, which has been the intention since before entering the market. Executive side Reinforces determination to develop growth potential and vision to be a leader in the tapioca starch business. Modified cassava starch and related products at the leading level in ASEAN, concluding with the use of funds to raise funds to expand production capacity to 360,000 tons per year.

Mr. Somyot Chanchungthaworn, Chairman of the Executive Board of Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited, or PQS, a leading producer of tapioca starch in the Northeast with over 18 years of expertise in producing tapioca starch, revealed that the company confirmed that the major shareholder groups include the Chan Jungthaworn family, holding 46% of the shares, and the Thawatchutikorn family, holding 20% of the shares, and other remaining groups, totaling 74%. There was no selling of shares, as appeared in the news. in any way. The existing shareholders are willing to lock up their shares 100% for 6 months, which is in accordance with the wishes of the original shareholders before the shares were listed on the stock exchange. Because of confidence in the direction of business growth and the ability of the management team and employees, who are professionals and have expertise in this business, that will drive PQS to have good growth. and be sustainable according to the business plan set.

“The company would like to confirm once again that the original shareholder group There is no desire to sell shares at all. Due to my determination in doing business, I truly intend to operate under the principles of good governance,” Mr. Somyot Chanchungthaworn said.

In addition, PQS continues to develop the company’s growth potential. ceaselessly With the vision of the organization, which is committed to being a leader in the tapioca starch business, modified cassava starch and related products are at the leading level in ASEAN after successfully listing the company on the stock exchange. The company would like to move forward with the best management possible. and is committed to pushing the company to grow strongly and sustainably according to the mission given to shareholders.

Mr. Somyot added that the money raised by PQS will be used to expand the new factory. and invest in related businesses, including using it as working capital. By increasing the overall cassava starch production capacity to 360,000 tons per year from the current 240,000 tons per year.

For the product group that the company There are two main types of production and distribution: 1. tapioca starch products (Tapioca), which are processed products from cassava roots; and 2. production and distribution of electricity from biogas. For the first nine months of 2022, there is a proportion of production and distribution. Tapioca starch and the production and distribution of electricity from biogas in proportions of 98.53% and 1.47%, respectively.

PQS operates a production business. and sells tapioca starch (native starch) and modified tapioca starch (modified starch) under the brands PQS and TWO CRANE. The products are mainly sold to business operators in the food industry for use as ingredients in production. Food products such as bread, noodles, sauces, and sweeteners, including other processing industries Not related to food, such as the paper industry, textiles, medicine, etc.

In addition, PQS also engages in the business of producing and distributing electricity from biogas (biogas) by using agricultural waste materials from the cassava starch production process to produce electricity. which can reduce the impact on the environment, create stable income for the group of companies, and support the concept of a green economic system.

The PQS share price this morning moved to 5.10 baht, minus 0.05 baht, or 0.97%, with a trading value of 131.13 million baht. PQS shares were traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, or SET, on February 15, 2022, with the IPO price set at 6.00 baht per share.

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