Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited, or PQS, a leading producer of tapioca starch in the Northeast with over 20 years of expertise in producing tapioca starch, sees the tapioca starch industry as bright. According to world market demand, Thailand is the world’s largest producer of cassava starch. Integrating advanced production technology and promoting international standard flour quality

Mr. Somyot Chanchungthaworn, Vice Chairman and Executive Chairman of Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited, or PQS, revealed that it is expected that the trend of the world tapioca starch industry has the opportunity to grow approximately 5% per year, in line with the increasing food processing market. higher As a result, the cassava processing industry and the world food industry are growing in the same direction. Thailand has an advantage: it has advanced tapioca starch production technology. This makes Thai tapioca starch have international standard starch quality. In addition, the company has a strong customer base in various industry groups. This allows the group of companies to be close and understand the true needs of customers. in order to be able to develop products that meet the needs of customer groups very well.

“Thailand is the world’s largest producer of cassava starch. and has advanced tapioca starch production technology. Therefore, it can be considered that Thai tapioca flour is of high quality. We believe that the cassava starch industry still has opportunities for growth. And the current competition is not yet a Red Ocean business or the most competitive business. It makes us see that there is still an opportunity to expand our growth potential.”

Mr. Somyot continued that With experience in the tapioca starch production industry since 1986, a total of more than 20 years, the company was established in 2005, began building a factory to produce tapioca starch in Mukdahan Province in 2007, and opened for business in 2008 onwards. continuous growth This reflects PQS’s strong fundamentals. In addition, the company is focused on producing premium products. The company is located in a growing area with good-quality raw materials. Make the produced products have quality so customers can use them well. Makes it possible to penetrate the premium market well.

Mr. Rattavirun Chanchungthaworn, Chief Executive Officer and President of Premier Quality Starch Public Company Limited, or PQS, said that the company operates the business of producing and distributing tapioca starch (native starch), modified tapioca starch (modified starch), and other related processed starches under the PQS brand for sale to downstream industrial manufacturers, both in the food industry (food grade) and other processed industrial products. Not related to food (industrial grade), distributed within the country in a proportion of 30%, and overseas, the proportion is 70%.

The company is also a producer and distributor of electricity from biogas, which is generated from wastewater left over from the production process that is put through a fermentation process to cause a chemical reaction to produce biogas. To be used in the process of producing electricity for use in factories. and sold to the Provincial Electricity Authority. The company is determined to be a manufacturer. Tapioca starch products Excellent quality according to international standards For sale within the country and exported around the world. has an environmentally friendly production process and is committed to creating shared value for all stakeholders.


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